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Hello, I’m Shifa and I am a Certified Mehendi Artist with 5 + years of industry experience. At Shifa Mehendi Arts, we are a team of experts caters almost all kind of Mehendi design including Bridal Mehendi, Arabic Mehendi, Dubai Pattern Mehendi, Indian Mehendi and much more.

Shifa Memon

Mehendi Artist

The History of Mehendi

Mehendi has an interesting scientific and cultural history. Although, it has been mentioned in the Indian scriptures and reference books dating back as far as 5000 years, its spread to other regions could therefore be the result of geo-politic conflicts of those eras. Interestingly, today each region has a distinct style—ranging from Indo western mehandi design to traditional mehendi design.

Shifa Mehendi - The Legacy of Creative Art Continues

Shifa Memon, the gifted, most sought after and a certified mehandi designer In Thane continues to practice this rich tradition, and celebrate its long history by offering her services for various rituals and ceremonies. Currently, her services are available in the satellite city of Mumbai, especially in Thane and its adjoining locations such as Rabodi.

Mehendi Art - A Bride's Pride

The term Mendhika is a Sanskrit synonym for mehendi, and as per the old texts, this plant paste not only enhances the beauty of the fairer gender through palm-art but also relaxes the bride, offering a momentary calmness. It allows the bride to overcome hectic activities typically associated with marriages. While Arabic bridal mehndi design is generally exploited on the palms and even the back, the Indian Mehendi is quite often seen on the feet as well. Shifa Mehendi, a mehndi service provider in Mumbai offers all forms of mehendi art—From Indian Mehendi to Dubai bridal mehendi and from Arabic to Western mehendi. Shifa creates her own complex designs that begin with palms and then climb up to the wrist and even hand, especially in bridal mehendi. On the other hand, she uses sparse and spaced out designs when it comes to Arabic form of mehendi art.

Henna Mehendi Art - Beyond Occasions & Celebrations

In the Eastern World, specifically in India, Pakistan and Arab world, henna designs on palms is almost mandatory for the would be bridhgge. Each region has its favourite themes and colours. As mentioned above, Shifa, one of the most popular mehendi artists in Thane uses complex floral and curvy pattern for "Bridal Mehendi" in her home country, for the Gulf region she utilizes Dubai pattern mehendi which is more subdued, set apart and more often than not designed around mesh and geometric elements. Mehendi art on palms and hand is not only popular on weddings, it is also a common phenomenon in some of the other Indian rituals, religious and cultural festivals such as Karva Chauth, Vat Purnima, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Navraatri, Durga Pooja and Teej.

Shifa Mehendi - Best Design for Mehndi

Although the default colour of Mehendi is light or dark brown, the floral designs are sometimes highlighted with other colours such as green and blue. Check with Shifa Mehendi, top mehndi service provider in Thane for designer mehendi art and bespoke designs. She offers group packages that also include bridal mehendi at an attractive price point.



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I am Very Happy with the Service Given by Shifa and her team. They have done a Brilliant work and made a wonderful memory of my wedding day.

Pooja Rastogi

I am Excited by seeing the Amazing Mehendi Design Made by Shifa and her Team. They are the Best Mehendi Artist in Mumbai. I wish them Good Luck.

Shabina Bano

Shifa Mehendi Arts is one of the Best Mehendi Designer in Mumbai specially for your wedding day. They are expert in Bridal Mehendi apart from almost all kind of Mehendi Design


I Must say that Shifa is best Mehendi Designer. They are very punctual and dedicated towards their work. Best Henna Artist in Mumbai.

Sana Ansari

best Mehendi Designe in Thane I ever know. She is great mehendi designer

Bhavin Maniar



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