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Mehendi Art The Ultimate Guide for Women

The tradition of mehendi art is not just limited to weddings. It is also exploited on various occasions—from fasting rituals such as Karwa Chauth to Teej and religious festivals such as Diwali and Eid. Baby Shower is yet another occasion where baby shower mehandi design is exclusively used. Interestingly, mehendi is also an ambassador of good health, fertility, wisdom, protection and spiritual enlightenment.

Mehndi art can be applied on palms, hands and even on legs. This is typically achieved in two distinct ways.

  1. Self-application – Self-application is achieved through ready-made mehendi cones. These are freely available in the market and mostly distributed by mehndi experts / designers as mehandi tattoo tool. However, it requires creativity. If you are one of those individuals who are devoid of this talent then you are better of hiring a professional henna mehendi artist.

  2. Professional Application – On the other hand professional or designer henna artists with years of experience and inherent talent create mesmerising motifs and designs. From intricate floral patterns to complex geometry, and from cultural themes to religious elements, best mehendi artist in Mumbai exploit popular mehndi subjects. 

Whichever method you choose there are certain things that you should and should not do.

Let us first talk about what you can do to enhance the colour, the clarity and the longevity of mehendi art.

  • Best mehandi artists in Thane, Mumbai or anywhere in India will tell you that applying Neelgiri oil will not only prevent scattering of colour but it will also enhance its longevity. Get that glossy, crisp, and deep mehndi art with this simple tip. Apply only after the mehndi has dried up.

  • Roast around a dozen cloves on a skillet. Hold your mehendi hands on top of it ... a good six inches away. Let the warmth and the fumes touch your skin. This will darken the colour of your mehndi. Once again, this is to be done only after the mehandi art has dried naturally.

  • Applying Vaseline after washing off mehandi increases its longevity.

Mehendi artists in Thane do not recommend the following.

  • Do not apply mehandi art on wet / oily hands as it will come off quickly once the hands are washed.

  • Mehndi art takes a long time to dry and therefore make sure you do not have urgent commitments of any kind. For example, before sitting down for mehndi art application eat food, drink water, get rid of clothing which needs constant adjustments such as dupatta or hair. This pro tip is offered by most henna mehendi artists.

  • Do not wash off mehendi art in a rush. It needs time to cure and therefore any haste will mean reduced clarity. Moreover, if you need to work on your finger nails make sure you do it before the mehndi is applied.

Henna art or mehandi tattoo is not restricted to any particular function or occasion. Sometime it is exploited to make a fashion statement. As mentioned above, it is exploited by women of various religious backgrounds, especially in India. The reason being, henna tattoos are temporary in nature. It fades away with time and therefore happily applied by most of the girls/women. When applied by a professional, it adds profound beauty to a woman's persona. Engagement mehandi design is one such example.